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Apr. 28th, 2009 (UTC)

But she took that ordinary, dry little kernel of sex negativity and from it built a monument to sexual hostility that would make the architect of the Taj Mahal weep and gnash his teeth in artistic impotence.

I do so love your metaphors.

Her rationale makes a twisted sort of sense. People like her can't come to terms with the fact that Bad Things Happen to Good People - shit, they happen to everyone - and has thus come up with a philosophy in which if you simply avoid sex (something, I'm guessing, she probably doesn't like anyway, and thus feels left out) you will live a long and happy life, nothing bad will happen to you, and you'll go to heaven. It seems strange, but like a lot of other religious philosophy, it's comforting because it promises you that you can have control over your fate, that you aren't subject to random accidents, that God Has a Plan For You, and if you only behave by these rules, everything will turn out for the best, and it's only people that violate them that get hurt.

Never mind babies turned blind by herpes or your Good Samaritan with AIDS - I'm sure in her estimation those are just exceptions that prove the rule, and they were probably Bad People anyway, right?

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