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Things and Stuff

First of all: My primary girlfriend has decided to start her own LiveJournal, so a big welcome to feorlen!

A number of friends and I have already purchased advanced tickets to the Wednesday screening of The Fellowship of the Ring. I can't wait.

Spent most of the evening last night having a highly philosophical discussion with my wife and my primary girlfriend about the nature of love. We were up until after two o'clock in the morning, and I've been moving through a sleepy haze all day today. I believe...well, I believe many things about the nature of love,and some of those things are completely counterintuitive. Perhaps that will be the subject of a different posting later.

Friday night I set aside several hours for L., who had wanted to arrange an "online date" of sorts, which soon turned to the phone. I was very, very, very evil, and introduced her to the concept of the "zip strip."

In case you're not familiar with zip strips, they're made by taking a number of clothespins (say, twelve or so) and tying them together in aline with a piece of twine, so that each clothespin is several inches from the one after it. The clothespins are clamped onto one's body in a line, see, along certain key places--for example, in a line starting from the inner thigh just above the knee up along the thigh, up the belly, under the breast, and finally to the nipple. At the appropriate time, you pull the string, and the clothespins go flying off--pop! pop! pop!

It's, intense. Who says you can't touch someone directly over the phone? :)

Don't know yet where the thing with L. is going. You'd think I would have my hands full already, and i've never before attempted anything like a long-distance relationship, or at least anything that's started that way; feorlen lives in Atlanta now, but she was local when we first started dating.

And yet...and yet...

I dunno.
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