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In the "things that make you go 'huh' category...it's long been postulated that an infinite number of monkeys typing on an infinitie number of typewriters will produce the works of Shakespeare, but I suspect they'd be more likely to produce something like this.

"Place a 100 people within this Cubic like room and they will not increase the number of corners anymore than 6 billion people on Earth will increase the 4 corners of Earth. It is dumb, stupid, evil and unworthy of life on Earth to claim that this Creation Cube has 6 sides -  or no top and bottom.
Academia equates to a deadly plague."

...uh, yeah. What he said.


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Jul. 18th, 2004 11:04 am (UTC)
Boy did you find a winner.

I think I'll print out that entire page and post it on my *cube* wall at work just to worry my cow-orkers. I was recently told that all of the articles I post on my cube are "propaganda for Macs and cyborgs" (a fairly accurate observation), so this would break things up nicely while giving The Powers That Be reason to fear.
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