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Gaaaah! And geeky fun stuff

First, the Gaaaah! Updated my Red Hat 9 system to Fedora Core 2 a couple nights ago. It works, buuuuuuut..... won't start X if I boot from the newest Fedora kernel. It says it can't locate the mouse--even when I use a generic PS/2 mouse, a USB mouse, and a serial mouse. The mouse is configured right (I've run the configuration several times), and the mouse works fine in console mode. It also works fine when I boot using the earlier kernel from the RedHat 9 install. The X error log complains it can't open /dev/psaux, even though the correct file is in /dev. Anyone know what gives?

And the geeky fun stuff: An archived screen capture of Google's main search engine page, circa 1960.
Tags: geek, linky-links, rant
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