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Hacking the Segway: Cool Link o' the Day

So, you've always wanted one of those dorky uber-cool Segway scooter things, but you don't want to spend five grand on an electric scooter? There's an answer for you!

Using off-the-shelf components and a little electronic know-how, you can build your own self-balancing scooter for a fraction of the cost of a real Segway unit. It makes me wonder, really, if there's not a market for a gizmo like the Segway with a more reasonable price tag.

The only thing the prototype is missing is blue LEDs and maybe some spikes. Oh, and some barbed wire--it needs barbed wire. A Mad max version of a Segway just sounds like a lot of fun.

(Thanks to enoelie for the link...)
Tags: geek, linky-links, too cool for words
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