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Carpe motherfuckin' Diem part I: Saturday

I shan't go into the disturbing details about Saturday morning, as they're a bit on the kinky side and I wouldn't want to disturb the more delicate of the readers of this journal.

Saturday afternoon, a couple friends stopped by and we all headed out to Orlando for lunch with serolynne, fritzcat, and a number of the members of the Orlando poly community. It was a blast, in no small measure because I finally got to meet animatra in person. We've talked online, and meeting her in meatspace was a lot of fun. She's more...animated than I had expected.

After lunch, we all piled into a number of vehicles and headed over to Skycraft. For those of you who are not Orlando residents, Skycraft is a place right out of a cyberpunk novel; it's a weird little store that sells everything from missile parts and laser diodes to electronic components and fiber optic cable, almost all of it salvaged from elsewhere.

Yes, actual missile parts. In fact, they have a number of decommissioned missiles hanging from the ceiling.

It's a beautiful, beautiful place...enough to make a grown man weep. I managed to escape without too much serious damage to my wallet, but it took every ounce of restraint I could muster.

You can learn a lot about the measure of a person by watching that person at Skycraft. animatra's inner geek was on clear display, and even serolynne showed a bit of geekiness I've not observed before.

After Skycraft, it was time to head to Acme Hobbies to look for things for the Nativity scene we're building this Christmas. You may want to think twice before reading about it, if you're (a) deeply religious, (b) easily offended, or (c) any combination of the preceding, as it's not your typical Nativity set.

The idea is to create a new interpretation on the traditional Christmas scene; The Baby Chest Burster and the Three Wise Colonial Marines. The virgin Mary in the manger, a chest burster from the movie Aliens popping out, the figures of three colonial marines surrounding the manger with pulse rifles, while all around are all of the animals--lambs, goats, and so forth--with face huggers firmly attached.

Yes, I'm going to hell.

After that, we headed back, and got home in plenty of time to unpack fromm Dragon (which we've still sadly neglected to do), clean up the house, do the wash, and do some other miscellaneous errands.

Poll #352900 What did we do next?

Did we unpack from our trip to DragonCon?

Hell, no
Unpack? What is this "unpack" of which you speak?

The laundry got...

...washed, dried, and put neatly away.
...beaten down with an iron bar, as it's begun to move under its own power and demand the right to vote.
...buried out back.

And then came...

...the dishes.
...oral sex! Oral sex!
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