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Carpe motherfuckin' Diem, Part II: Sunday

So Sunday morning rolls around:

Shelly: Let's go to Disney World today!
Me: Mrrruuuuuuughh. Unf? Rrargh murgle muuuuuuuuh.
Shelly: Let's go to Disney World today!
Me: Muuuh? Uuuuuuunfg...what time is it?
Shelly: I don't know. Let's go to Disney World today!
Me: Muuuuuuuuuugh something something something okay!

So we went to Disney World...and had a blast. The crowds were very light, no lines in front of the rides, the weather was mild, and we stayed until the park closed.

Got back home in plenty of time for me to set up a Gmail account, for no reason other than everyone else is doing it. The address is urban.decay at, just in case anyone's interested. ("Chaos.theory," "entropy,"and "evil.genius" were already taken, dammit.)
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