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FetishCon '04: Shelly in the Spiderweb

As promised, the first round of pics from FetishCon '04.

Shelly and I met up with a friend of ours, P, who we haven't seen in a while. (Actually, this was a recurring theme for the weekend; I met an old friend I haven't seen in about six years or so, and we got the opportunity to catch up, which was cool.) P was acting as DJ for the post-con party, so after things wrapped up on Saturday night, we hung out with him and met many of the people who were planning the post-con events, including Lew Rubens, who was one of the presenters and did several sessions on suspension bondage--more pics of those later. :)

We hung out and chilled whle they rehearsed the post-con show, which made us the only two people not connected with the show who've ever seen it, on account of the hurricane, which killed power to the hotel just before it was supposed to be staged. Afterward, P practiced some rope bondage on Shelly.

Anyone who's put off by nudity or bondage probably shouldn't click, as these pictures are

Unfortunately, he eventually had to take her down:

...although she was grinning like this for the next two hours.

Afterward, we chatted with P and Lew until about 2:00 in the morning. Lew's a neat guy--very laid-back and easygoing, intelligent, quickwitted, and lots of fun to talk to.

I made some LJ userpics for Shelly:

Poll #357146 Shelly's LJ Userpic

Which icon should Shelly use in her LiveJournal?

The first one
The second one
The third one
All of them!
None, you sick bondage freaks!
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