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No, not the Necronomicon photos yet...

...I'll post those later today.

Instead, i want to complain about silicone.

The distribution of stress inside silicone rubber is fractal in nature. What that means is that silicone rubber tends to fail in unpredictable ways when it's stressed. It never cleaves cleanly in the way that most solids do. It will rip or tear, always roughly and sometimes not at the point of greatest stress.

What that means is that carving, boring, and drilling a silicone dildo is exceptionally difficult and frustrating. It's virtually impossible to get a clean hole through a silicone dildo, and the silicone can rip even when being sliced by a razor knife. It also deforms under stress, of course, so the cuts and holes assume an irregular shape when the stress is relieved.

Tags: bdsm, kinky crafts, rant, sex
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