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At long last: Necro photos!

Yes, it's a science fiction convention, with everything that implies. My friend Sharra actually wore this slave girl outfit to the opening of Star Wars: Episode I. The gas mask I'm wearing in this picture was a birthday gift from datan0de to Shelly; I appropriated it for the convention because it looks so good freaky with that jacket.

And now, without further ado...

Yes, that's Mac OS X, running on an HP laptop. nihilus' RISC-on-CISC emulator brings all the girls to the yard...

Hokay, so. Here's the datan0de, chillin... Damn, that is one sweet cybernetic assassin, you might say!

...WRONG! (That's phyrra in the first pic, and tampagypsy in the background of the second. Bonus points to anyone who catches the reference in the captions.)

phyrra and lightgatherer just before the first game of Strip "Are You a Werewolf?"

Cutest picture of lightgatherer EVAR.

M, wearing a rawking steel-ribbed corset...

phyrra's costume.

My friend Glenda! I don't get to see her often enough. Don't let the ky00t fool you; she's pure evil. :)

Keirston, at the Strip "Are You a Werewolf?" game, showing off her back tattoo.

zensidhe preparing for Strip "Are You a Werewolf?" I'd never actually seen Skyy before; only ridiculous Skyy billboards, which I've made snarky comments about elsewhere.

Nikky, Beth, and a hat that can stop a charging bull at a thousand yards.

Shelly, wearing zensidhe's Trogdor the Burninator T-shirt after an unfortunate...incident with her own clothing.

Sofia. Pink. Very, very pink.

serolynne having fun midway through the second game of Strip "Are You a Werewolf?" Yes, i have pictures from later in the game. No, you don't get to see them.

A couple of random people.

One of the really nice things about Necronomicon this year was being able to spend time with serolynne, who we haven't really seen very much in a long time.

I have some pictures of redheadlass in her Masquerade costume, which I'll post if she tells me I can. :)
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