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Franklin Veaux

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Busy weekend, fun times...

Okay, just in case anyone missed it, the lunar eclipse last night was very, very cool. We were over at Game Night, and were able to watch it with a large group of friends... tampagypsy and company, the Smoosh, and even papertygre, who put in an unexpected appearance.

It was a delight to meet papertygre in person. From the conversations we've had in her journal, I expected her to be smart and interesting, but in reality she's devastatingly intelligent and downright fascinating. All things considered, it's probably a good thing Shelly and I had to leave early; had I spent any more time talking to her, I probably would've ended up with a full-blown crush on her.

This afternoon, we're heading out of town--driving over to serolynne's place. Tomorrow, we're all heading down to Fantasy Fest in Key West, where we'll be hooking up with our former roommate Eric and his girlfriend Sofia. This will, I think, be a whole lot of fun.

And anyone who ever gets the opportunity to play the game Ninja Burger should seize it!
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