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Key West Part I: People and Places

So, at long last, the promised Key West entries.

All in all, I had a great weekend. It was the first time I've been camping in my adult life (for some value of "camping" that means "sleeping on a queen-sized bed with electricity and refrigeration"), and I definitely want more of it. We stayed on Bahia Honda Key, which is no end of gorgeous.

Of course, every silver lining has a cloud around it--in this case, a cloud of mosquitoes. Not just any mosquitoes--killer cybernetic mosquitoes that are immune to bug spray. These mosquitoes also violate the Man-Mosquito Covenant, signed in the days of our forefathers, that say mosquitoes stay away during the day, and come out only at night. Oh, no, these were equal-opportunity mosquitoes, as unafraid of the hateful daystar as they were undeterred by Deep Woods Off.

Still, the campsite was absolutely stunning, mosquitoes or no:

Shelly and I went there with serolynne, and met up with our former roommate Eric, his girlfriend Sofia, their friend Jen, alchmst and his partner, and some friends of serolynne's I hadn't met previously. So, now that you know that...

Home sweet home. We gotta get one of these. :)

Shelly, hanging out in the popup.

serolynne in her FantasyFest outfit.

Jen, ditto.

Sofia, and a pirate. You can't read it in this pic, but her T-shirt says "I have the pussy, so I make the rules."

alchmst (right) and his partner Deb (left).

Shelly and Jen, chilling before the parade.

By the time it was over, we were so exhausted Sunday night that we stayed at serolynne's place, and didn't return to Tampa 'til Monday. serolynne has started tempting us with a camping trip to St. Augustine at some point in the future, because she's just a temptress that way.
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