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Random things and stuff

First: Got a Christmas card from jul3z...thanks! It was awesome.

Second: Rather than reposting it here, I'll just point to a snippet from Scientific American about a possible mechanism behind life extension from Scientific American in papertygre's journal. (datan0de, if you haven't seen this yet, you should.)

Third: Spending the evening this evening with S; Shelly's spending time with S's boyfriend this afternoon. Yay!

Fourth: Spending part of the upcoming weekend with phyrra and nihilus...yay again!

Fifth: I had about two hours invested in a 2,000+-word post, with links, that got eaten by LJ...grr. I foolishly typed it in Explorer for PC, so it's gone. Is it just me, or if an error occurs when trying to make a post, should the LJ page actually print the text of the post along with the error message? That way, you wouldn't lose it if something happened...
Tags: linky-links, science, suck!
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