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Of Rings and Things

URL of the Day: File this one under "You Gotta Be Shitting Me": The Lion King teaches homosexuality.


My wife has never before been exposed to "The Lord of the Rings," or indeed to any other Tolkien.

I suppose i can't really say too much about it. I have my own cultural illiteracies as well; I've never watched "Charlie's Angels" or "Three's Company" on TV, for example, and I've never seen so much as a single episode of "Leave It to Beaver."

But anyway, she's somhow managed to live without being exposed to the joys of Tolkien's brand of fantasy, until now. She is currently deep in "The Return of the King," having devoured "The Fellowship of the Ring" and "The Two Tours" in much the way a starving wolf might devour a Sirloin steak, and having seen the movie version of "The Fellowship of the Ring" twice. In fact, she's ahead of me on "The Two Towers" as I write this, and takes great delight in teasing me about it. (I've read it a long time ago, but I'm rediscovering it as an adult.)

It's fun to see her enjoying something so completely...
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