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Randomness at a grocery store, and the suckitude of life

At the grocery store this evening, between the frozen aisle and the canned goods, two women bumped into each other and started talking about a mutual acquaintance. "Has So-and so gotten married yet?" "No, she's still not married." "Really? That's too bad." "Yeah, i don't know what it is. She has to find a husband some time." "Maybe she's just too picky."

Dear God, I didn't know there was anyone left like that in the world--not for real. Seriously. I thought that was something you'd only find on bad TV sitcoms. This is 2004, not 1904, right? Women do have value that doesn't derive from their husbands, right?

Later, at the checkout line, the cashier looks at me and says "You know what's interesting? All these countries that don't like the USA, and say bad things about America, when something happens to them, who do they turn to? We give everyone in the world handouts and they still don't like us. Like Russia. And why doesn't Canada have its own army?"

The Universe of Suck Department: This weekend, Shelly and I were supposed to go to Atlanta with nihilus and phyrra so we could look at apartments, then from there up to Nashville to pick up their car. And as it turns out, next weekend I'll be in Miami Beach with a client instead. Suck, suck, suck.
Tags: politics, rant, suck!
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