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And in other news...

...damn nihilus for being interesting, anyway.

Shelly and I have been spending a lot of time with phyrra and nihilus these days, often until ridiculous hours. We've settled into a kind of pattern; Shelly and phyrra do girl-type stuff like dying their hair, nihilus and I work on our laptops on the couch, and occasionally nihilus looks up to say something interesting about database architecture or the physics of zero-point energy or the history of early Gnosticism. That usually starts a conversation that ends with me taking home a book from their library on, oh, the history of Gnosticism or some such thing, which I get sucked into, and dammit, I don't have time, y'know?

Then after that we watch Lexx or Farscape, and stuff.

Speaking of'd think the Peacekeepers, who belong to a species that is extremely sensitive to and intolerant of temperatures above eighty degrees or so, would develop climate-controlled space suits, since it does little good to have turned your entire civilization into a great lumbering war machine if your elite crack special forces can be stopped from boarding an enemy vessel when the people aboard that vessel...turn up the heat. But I digress.

Last weekend was the annual St. Patrick's Day party hosted by khepra and fangly. On the entertainment menu was a rather bizarre movie called "Immortal," a French flick in English, on a Russian DVD, about a future society that's Blade Runner meets Fifth Element with a dash of Tetsuo the Iron Man thrown in for good measure, and the arrival of an Egyptian god, and a blue-haired chick who can read minds, and...well, it's kind of complicated. Anyway, turns out it's based on a French graphic novel...which happens to be in nihilus's library. Kinda figures, really.
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