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Just for the record...

My wife is one of the coolest people in the world.

It's been a long and hectic week, and I've been so stressed out over it that she bought me an hour-long massage on Saturday. First professional massage I've ever had. It was absolutely wonderful, though I found myself mentally taking notes during the massage... "Hey, that works very well!" "Hmm...interesting, I'll have to try that."

I love giving massages, but haven't ever had any formal training. It's always nice to meet people who have skills I don't have, or who are better at things than I am...I can steal the benefit of their experience. :)

Did a photo shoot with secretagentglam and fashionplate and a friend of theirs whose LJ name I don't know this afternoon. Had a great time, got some photos I'm highly optimistic about (though I haven't had time yet to develop the film, much less make a contact sheet). All in all, an excellent end to a weekend that started rather poorly. But more of that is on bishop_henley's journal here, so no point in me going on about it.

My wife is talking to lacaba right now. I want to talk to her, dammit! My wife gets to have all the fun... >pout
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