Franklin Veaux (tacit) wrote,
Franklin Veaux

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It's official...

I'm flying out to California at the end of March to visit lacaba. I'll be out there for a week...I'm really looking forward to it!

Life has its ways of playing tricks on us...I never believed I'd even attempt a long-distance relationship (leastwise, not one that started out long distance. Of course, feorlen is in the process of moving to California herself, but she was local when first we met.)

In other news: I've been spening a lot of time trying to prepare for the upcoming convention, MegaCon, that scarlete and bishop_henley and my wife kellyasmith and I are attending two weeks hence. I've been frantically trying to get the CD-ROM version of my game Onyx ready to go...

Finally got time to process the film of last weekend's photo shoot with fashionplate and secretagentglam, so I should be able to start printing on Sunday. This is happy news; i haven't been in the darkroom in a long time, and I miss it.
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