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Random weirdness

I get crap cell phone reception in my office, so I often have to go outside to take calls.

The day before yesterday, Shelly gave me a call at the office, and so i walked outside the office to talk to her. And found, lying on the ground, a bullet. A squashed and mangled bullet that had hit the side of the office building.

Big fucker, too...looks like a .44 or a .45.

The office building is under new management, and last week the new owners started putting up metal lath on the walls in preparation for a new coat of stucco. The bullet has the impression of the metal lath in it, so it was fired at the building somewhere in the past week.

What is it with this office building? It's not in a bad part of town or anything, but first part of the building collapses, and now people are shooting at it! Fer Chrissakes...
Tags: wtf
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