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Behold the power of Montel Williams!

As everyone in the entire world (or at least those parts of it interested in polyamory) knows by now, Montel Williams recently did a positive episode on polyamory. Since then, several of the people I know who maintain poly-related presences on the Web have told me they've been getting a lot of interest from people who've seen the show and want to know more about it.

This morning, i got a bandwidth alert from my Web hosting company for my pages on polyamory, warning me that I was nearing my bandwidth limit for the month. So I trotted over to my statistics page for a peek.

Now, typically, my site sees an average of anywhere between fifteen hundred and seventeen hundred unique visitors a day. It's held steady there for years and years.

According to the Urchin statistics for the site, the average last week was 15,576.

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