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Goddamn Network Solutions anyway

So for the past week, many people (but not everyone) have been unable to surf to my business Web site, This means, among other things, that images posted in my LiveJournal are not appearing for everyone.

The site's DNS records are correct, but for some reason, about a week ago Network Solutions' WHOIS data started showing the wrong IP address for the site. I have no idea how or why; the name server information is right, but the IP address isn't.

Network Solutions insists that there's no problem on their end; there's no way their database can be wrong; the problem must exist with the Web host, GoDaddy. Yet I can log on to the GoDaddy control panel, and GoDaddy's name servers are showing the correct information. In fact, I can surf to the web site through a proxy server such as MegaProxy, and DNSStuff shows the correct information. It's only Network Solutions that's showing it wrong.

So if you guys can do me a great big favor, I'd really appreciate it. Go to

and tell me what you see. If you can tell me who your ISP is, that'd really be helpful, too.

For all you geeks on my f'list, if the domain won't come up for you, I'd appreciate if you can do a whois and tell me what's showing as the site's IP address and what name servers are listed as well.
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