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Fun link o' the Day: If Microsoft Redesigned the iPod Packaging

Apple doesn't miss a trick when it comes to design. Their computers and consumer electronics tend to be stunningly beautiful--if you ever hold an iPod Nano you'll see what I mean--and the same design sense carries through to their packaging, advertising, and other incidental design. I still have the box my iSight camera came in; it's too beautiful to throw away. Hell, even the bags they give you your stuff in when you go to the Apple store are gorgeous.

But what would happen if the product packaging for the iPod, one of the most successful electronic devices ever, were redesigned by Microsoft?

This video seeks to answer that question.

Like life, it is funny because it's true. Work-safe, with sound.

[EDIT]: The user who uploaded it to YouTube has now pulled it down. There is a direct download link to the .wmv file here. If that quits working, I've also mirrored it on my server here, but it's an 18-megabyte download; please be kind to my bandwidth!
Tags: geek, humor
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