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Because I'm a geek, and I'm easily amused, and I don't have enough to do as it is...

...I've started a new project to entertain myself. It's a new LiveJournal, which I will be a travelogue.

Specifically, a travelogue of a first-level character who is trying to visit every zone and discover every windrider path in World of Warcraft.

Now, travelling anywhere except the newbie areas in WoW is extremely difficult, and in higher-level places it's almost impossible for a low-level character to move more than a few feet without being killed. But none of that bothers Thark, the young and naive Orc who's making this journey. You see, Thark is very naive, and very earnest, and he sees himself as something of an ambassador of peace for all the different people of Azeroth.

I wonder how long his naivety and his optimism will last.

The journal is at travelling_wow, and I'm already amused. :) I plan to update it at leastonce a day with Thark's journey and discoveries.
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