Franklin Veaux (tacit) wrote,
Franklin Veaux

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Aggrevation & Such

Yesterday afternoon, someone used my email address to sign me up for dozens and dozens and dozens of right-wing Christian email lists. Sadly, the person responsible does not understand how the Internet works. That person didn't know that their computer's IP address was recorded in all the subscription requests.

I've spoken to the list moderators of many of the lists, who were quite unhappy that their lists were being abused, and who helpfully provided me with the responsible person's IP address.

Using the IP address, I was able to trace the responsible person's ISP, and have filed a formal complaint and a request for that person's real name and address with the ISP. More on this as it develops.

Got a cheap automatic camera today, which I'm rigging to one of the radio servos for my RC airplane. I want to put the camera and servo on a kite, and do some aerial photography. Sounds like fun...

Date this evening with lacaba. I can hardly wait! :)
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