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"So what did YOU do this evening, Tacit?"

I have a problem. I am, you see, plagued by boredom. My days stretch out before me in an endless vista of dreary ennui, because I never seem to have anything to do. At least, that's what I must be thinking, since I've started working on a huge new Web site with tips and tutorials and how-tos on BDSM, in spite of the fact that Onyx 3 still isn't finished yet, I haven't touched the book I'm allegedly working on in months, I have at least two other unfinished writing projects on the back burner, I need to set up my darkroom again, and the apartment still looks like a Category 4 hurricane went through it just moments after a Columbian drug gang staged a violent coup in it.

Ahem. Anyway, the first tutorial I'm working on is a photo how-to for making rope and chain harnesses, with the lovely joreth as my model.

I haven't even begun to process all the images yet, seeing as how we just finished shooting all the pics, but I did pick out this rather lovely image from the raw photos, which I rather like.

sensation play
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