April 9th, 2013


Who says polyamory is complicated?

A lot of folks who read this blog know that I've been on-again, off-again working on a book on polyamory.

The project is back on again. A few weeks ago, when i was in the Wildlands of Canadia visiting my sweetie Eve, the two of us sat down to brainstorm ideas for the book and to try to pick out themes. I've written an outline and a sample chapter already, but Eve pointed out that it might be valuable to go back and revisit the idea by working out the topics we'd like to see included without referencing the original outline, to see if there's anything important that got overlooked on the first go 'round.

So we got some markers and closed ourselves up in a room with a whiteboard for a while, and...

I keep hearing that polyamory is complicated. i have no idea what people mean by that. :)


A Visit to Miss Isadora's School for Wayward Girls

When last I ventured into the land of the frozen North, the vast tundra of snow and ice known to the local Kurgen raiding clans as "vash'Tûl morg Athûl" (the Fields of Death) and to the English-speaking world as "Canada," I had the opportunity to pay a visit to Miss Isadora's School for Wayward Girls.

Miss Isadora, whose full name must for reasons that will soon be obvious be kept from your humble scribe's recounting, had invited me to help her learn some basic skills involving the use of rope, and also to assist her in the photographic documentation of certain activities related to the disciplining of Miss Cassandra, whose real name will likewise be redacted from this tale.

So it came to pass that we braved the gale-force winds and icy cold of vash'Tûl morg Athûl to travel by bicycle to our destination, where Miss Cassandra awaited the sort of stern discipline that only a good Catholic schoolgirl, ever desiring of being steered in the path of the Light, can know.

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