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"Skinny with razor stubble and glasses"

Last weekend, the St. Petersburg Times ran a story on polyamory called A Love Triangle? Try A Hexagon about serolynne and her relationships. We sat and talked to the reporter for a couple of hours, and she did followup interviews with serolynne and radven. She even did a followup interview via email with me, the skinny guy with razor stubble and glasses.

Fortunately, she didn't mention the kuru. When we got to the restaurant where we were to meet her for the interview, james_the_evil1 and radven and I were talking about kuru, the prion-based sickness transmitted only by eating the brain of an infected person. (Kinda scary, really, that the Fore tribesmen have been practicing ritual cannibalism for long enough that a pathology developed to take advantage of that transmission vector...but I digress.)

Overall the article is positive and balanced, even if I am the skinny guy with glasses and razor stubble.
Tags: linky-links, polyamory
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