May 8th, 2021


Fake social media profiles

Content warning: Rape and death threats

For the past few years, an aggressive, sustained pattern of abuse, harassment, and doxxing has been directed at me and people around me by a person or group with, it seems, far too much free time on their hands. This harassment, which includes doxxing, rape and death threats directed at me and others, and impersonation, has taken place primarily on Quora and, to a lesser extent, on other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Part of the harassment includes private messages to people who respond to my social media posts  that include threats of violence and general nastiness from fake accounts designed to look like mine. Part of the harassment includes questions about me on Quora, doxxing on social media, and threats of violence directed both at me and at others.

The harasser is creating anonymous accounts on the question and answer site Quora to ask questions about me that look like this:

My reaction to these has mostly been ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I mean, clearly I'm living rent-free in someone's head, but by and large, the questions are absurd enough I'm really not to fussed about them.

In the past year or so, this campaign has escalated into doxxing. I've deliberately cropped tis screengrab and removed the account name of the person who posted it:

The person behind it has also created fake social media profiles in my name using my avatar, primarily on Quora but on other social media sites as well.

If you look at the accounts, it's pretty easy to tell they aren't mine.

These fake profiles are generally used not to harass me, but to harass other people. This can happen in public comments on sites like Quora:

and in private messages and DMs, some of which are quite violent, to people who follow me on Quora, Twitter, and Facebook. (I have chosen not to show the DMs people have reported to me; they're quite horrific.)

They're also used to answer questions in y name on sites like Quora and to post content elsewhere that looks like it comes from me:

I have reported these to law enforcement, which generally didn't seem too interested. I have also spoken to an attorney about my possible next steps going forward.

If you receive a harassing, threatening, or abusive message from "me" on social media, please check the account carefully. It isn't from me.

I have a suspicion, based on the timing of these posts with another social media account belonging to another individual, and based on the fact that they frequently coincide with attacks on my Web sites from IP addresses I log, who the person responsible might be. If you're one of the people affected by these attacks I've been talking to in the last few weeks, I would ask that you not try to retaliate against that person. Doing so will not accomplish anything, and I would prefer to investigate legal ways to deal with the situation.

If you follow me on social media, particularly Quora and Twitter, please be aware this is happening, and don't assume that any messages you receive from "me" actually come from me. On Quora, I am /profile/Franklin-Veaux, no numbers. On Twitter, I am @franklinveaux, all lowercase, no spaces, numbers, or other characters. On Instagram, I am @franklinveaux, no numbers or special characters. On Facebook, I am /franklinveaux, no spaces, dashes, underscores, or numbers.