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Does anyone still care about Britney Spears?

So recently, someone on another forum I read posted this link to an article about a Britney Spears lesbian sex-tape scandal.

Whee! Another day, another drug-fueled media superstar homosexual orgy!

Maybe it's just me, but c'mon. A Britney Spears lesbian sex tape? Isn't that, like, so last-century? Drug-fueled homoerotic scandals have become so trendy that even the Religious Right is getting into the act, and when they've started embracing a fad, you KNOW it's all over.

Okay, so I can see how it might have had a certain mass appeal at one time. I still remember the Billboard magazine poll that showed that 53% of all American middle-aged men have had fantasies of Britney Spears bent over a pool table taking it in the ass from a strapon-wielding Russian dominatrix in "Knight Rider" Underoos. (Oh, don't look at me like that. You know she's into anal; she's been getting it up the ass from the Recording Industry Association of America for long enough!) And I'm sure it's probably those same 53% of American men who'll end up acting all outraged when the next Britney sex tape appears on Virgin-Whore Complex, thy name is American pop culture.

But still. While I admire her spirit, I gotta think it's too little, too late. I mean. she's technically a MILF now, and that's a whole 'nother demographic altogether.

I'm a bit mystified by the news report. "According to several sources, the footage inside the sex video is so outrageous and shocking that it may be the 'final straw that broke the camel's back'." Exactly what camel are we talking about here? People, we live in an age where sites like "" are so thoroughly mainstream that the owners have to engage in multimillion-dollar real estate deals just to get new digs to film in. Whatever Britney is up to with a couple of strippers, I guarandamntee you it's not "outrageous and shocking."

Now, maybe if you threw in a wildebeest, sixteen cases of Silly String, a dozen feet of rubber tubing, three titanium sporks, and a life-sized cardboard cutout of Karl Rove, we'd be talking shock and awe. But Britney doing the nasty with two strippers? That's not shocking and outrageous; that's the pilot for the new Fox prime-time sitcom! You get more "shocking and outrageous" in an average apartment building on a weekend night.

Well, okay, not in my apartment this past weekend. I've been sick as a dog, and spent most of the weekend loaded up on NyQuil and ibuprofen...but I digress.

Russian dominatrix and Underoos aside, I have a feeling that if this alleged video of Britney ever surfaces, it'll be every bit as bad as the Paris Hilton sex tape. And I don't mean "bad" like "Out! Out! Cruel demons of the flesh, begone! Tempt me no more with your carnal delights! Get thee behind me, Satan!" so much as I mean "bad" like "Jesus, will someone PLEASE teach that woman how to fuck?"

If it ever surfaces. Which, frankly, is something I'm a little skeptical of. We have no proof that this video even exists save for a low-resolution photograph of Britney walking up a flight of stairs with two strippers. Many's the time I've walked up a flight of stairs with two strippers, and there was no frenzied lesbian bacchanale at the top. Okay, so I'm sure we can all agree those times are the exception rather than the rule, but still. The photo's not exactly a smoking gun, y'know?

I don't know. Maybe Britney was asleep during the Pop Celebrity 101 class where they covered the Madonna know, the one that says if you make outrageous, over-the-top images of yourself in sexual situations, for God's sake make sure you keep the marketing, licensing, and merchandising rights. Maybe Britney's been replaced by a Pod Person. I dunno, maybe Britney started out as a Pod Person, and now she's been replaced with a confused child whose life started spinning out of her control long before puberty even hit.

What I don't get is what's "shocking" about what she or anyone else wants to do to get their rocks off. Nor why anyone cares at all to begin with.

Oh, and the guy who's quoted in the article as firing the strippers when he saw the tape? Listen, man, I gotta say, you just made the dumbest business decision of your life. Since people obviously go in for this shit, you shoulda promoted 'em and put up a marquee sign saying "We have strippers who've shagged Britney Spears." Maybe set up a little kiosk selling Knight Rider Underoos. Bet that'd pack the shocked-but-tittilated Baby Boomers in!
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