Franklin Veaux (tacit) wrote,
Franklin Veaux

Andre the Giant has a possee

Apparently, the Andre the Giant has a Posse crowd has made it to Atlanta. Spotted this sticker in Little Five Points a couple weeks back, stuck to the back of a road sign:

I've posted here before with examples of the same kind of agitprop in Tampa, but this is the first time I've seen it in Atlanta. I'm extremely impressed with the quality of the design work on this sticker.

Two steps forward, two steps back. That seems to be the general theme these days.

In the "two steps forward" category, I've finished the first go-round of the new SymToys site. I say "first go-round" because I have planned a LOT more content; in the interests of getting it online, I scaled back three times. Eventually, I'll probably end up adding a very long list of kinky sex ideas and scenarios, several more BDSM tutorials (including a lot more do-it-yourself toys!), a review section, and a radical expansion of the flogging how-to pages. I'll be adding a lot more photographically, as well, as I have time to do some more shooting--some of the current pages are pretty stark. (Thanks to Shelly, joreth, dayo, my non-LJ friend Stephanie, and everyone else who helped with modeling, suggestions, ideas, and proofreading!)

I'm very pleased with the look and content so far. It represents a lot more work than you might think. Check it out! If you feel up to it, add something to Whispers!

Now my attention has turned to the book on polyamory I've been off-again, on-again working on for quite while. It's on again, and will be my #1 priority for the foreseeable future, with my #2 priority being to finish Onyx 3--which could conceivably be done (finally!) next week.

The "two steps back"--still dealing with all kinds of financial problems related to working for a small startup. Ugh.

Tonight I'll be in Chicago to visit dayo! *bounce*

It's shaping up to be a really busy weekend. Drumming and fire spinning (yay! I can hardly wait!) tomorrow; then clubbing at Neo. Saturday, we're talking about doing the Ren Faire and then heading to GD. Sunday's still up in the air, but I know that I'll be having brunch with cunningminx at the least...I'm looking forward to meeting her in person (finally!). With a bit of luck, we'll be seeing her before then, too.

I know that there are some other chicagoites on my flist; if you think you might want to hook up this weekend, drop me an email! tacitr [at] aol (dot) com.

Some time soon, I need to post a review of this:

I don't normally gush about stuff like this, but... seriously, coolest sex toy EVER. Like, in the entire history of human sexual expression. Really, it's that cool. dayo, I've already got it packed for the trip...
Tags: kinky crafts, pictures, sex
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