Franklin Veaux (tacit) wrote,
Franklin Veaux


Thoughts and fragments from the last weekend, and other miscellaneous assorted stuff. Ready? Here we go!

Everything I ever needed to know, I learned by fisting my girlfriend at a play party

- Trying new things is fun.

- Stretching one's boundaries may be uncomfortable, but the reward is more than worth a little discomfort.

- It's difficult to predict in advance what one will or will not enjoy. The only way to learn one's self is by systematic experimentation.

- Life rewards courage.

- Life is not a spectator sport, but sometimes having an audience makes things just that much better.

Meetings and new friendships

The weekend was a blur of new faces. I met cunningminx, libbydabomb, scathedobsidian (who is an outstanding writer; I highly recommend his journal), and jaded_dreamer; shot pool with shinyobject; and variously up-met-with, around-hung-with, and otherwise associated with a startling number of people who very probably do not have LiveJournal accounts (or at least do not have LiveJournal accounts I know about).

I did not get to meet amorsalado or dwer, on account of missing furniture and such. Maybe next time.

Quotes Out of Context

"I only hurt you because it gets me off."

"Sucking cock is contextual."

"An irrational trigger around sex? Oooh, shiny! Let's play!"

(okay, so the last isn't technically from the weekend, but still...)
Tags: bdsm, sex
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