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BDSM: Theory and Practice of Figging

Note: This is part 6 of an occasional ongoing "how to" series on BDSM.

Part 1 of the series, How to Tie a Rope Harness Part I, is here.
Part 2 of the series, How to Tie a Frog Tie, is here.
Part 3 of the series, How to Tie a Shinju, is here.
Part 4 of the series, How to Make a Custom Dildo out of Ice, is here.
Part 5 of the series, How to Make a Spikey Decorative Collar, is here.
As you can probably figure out, most of these tutorials are really, really not work-safe.

This particular tutorial is work-safe, at least photographically (the text is probably not very work-safe, though!). It describes the practice of figging, which is making a butt plug out of ginger for an interesting warm tingle sensation. It's particularly good for disciplining those naughty subs for whom an old-fashioned paddling has become humdrum. I recently had an opportunity to explore this with one of my sweeties, to great effect. If it sounds like it's up your alley, clicky the link!

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Tags: bdsm, kinky crafts, sex
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Even MORE fun with ginger root can be had by just using the essential oil which is available in aroma therapy and other such stores. The advantage of ginger oil is that ANY object can be coated with it and then inserted as for example strap on dildos. I have enjoyed bareback fucking vaginas and rectums with ginger oil applied to my sub first which then spreads to me cock and balls and everywhere deliciously. A 2 oz vial of ginger oil costs 25 bucks and lasts for a year. Enjoy!
My Dom ordered me to fig myself while he was at work. It burned but I left it in as ordered. It's a great sensation.


August 13 2013, 03:45:26 UTC 7 years ago

I want to try this on my sub. I have a personal rule not to inflict anything on my sub that I haven't tried myself. So I tried ginger, and I found it very stimulating. To this end, I'm definitely going to use it in conjunction with other things like spanking and caning with her. I may have become a fan of figging!


October 5 2013, 20:33:09 UTC 7 years ago

After reading many storiies of people being figged I went out and bought some ginger root and snuck off to the bathroom to experience myself. Omg I love it...I just wish I had someone here as my master enjoying the fun with me and spanking me before making me do even more bdsm stuff.


November 14 2013, 21:05:20 UTC 6 years ago

Do you need to use an enema prior to play, as you would for pegging?
It's not really necessary in my experience, as the ginger root is small and doesn't go very deep.


November 15 2013, 11:00:10 UTC 6 years ago

Thank you, I'm trying this for the first time with my bottom and want to make sure I'm playing with him properly. I really appreciate all the information you have shared.


March 7 2014, 23:39:24 UTC 6 years ago

Tried this 4 or 5 times and never felt anything more than a mild tingle. Was somewhat disappointed...
I found that warming the root for 5 seconds before applying it to the clitoris really increased the sensation.
I'm female and I've tried ginger both anally and vaginally. I like a fair amount of pain and didn't really feel anything at all with ginger. Anally it felt just the tiniest bit warm for about 5 seconds, but not even tingly. Vaginally it didn't even feel warm, perhaps because I was so wet that my juices blocked the ginger oil from reaching my inner tissue. The ginger sat there for almost an hour and I didn't feel a thing.

What we use now is caynenne pepper mixed with canola oil and that I LOVE!!! Lovely, lovely heat, very pleasurable. And, if enough pepper is used, burning and painful. Just the way I like it. Never ginger for me again. Cayenne pepper is sooooo much better. 1 ml of pepper to 15 ml of oil for warmth. A thick paste (a few drops of oil for 0,5-1 tsp pepper) for burning sensations and pain.
About the Cayenne vaginally. YOu mention the recipe. How and where exactly do you apply it
Are there different hotnesses of cayenne?
Finally !! Meet someone else that loves Cayenne Pepper as well, Love that it can be applied to any toy .

Responding while retrying a fresh Ginger Root finger in my ass. As has been said. I find scraping the skin off with a spoon. Then shape from there. As I am retrying this. I have incorporated clenching, male Kegals to increase effect. Having a much better experience this time around



June 18 2015, 07:20:24 UTC 5 years ago

Discovered this site after googling an interesting passage from a new book. You'll probably be getting a lot more hits soon, thanks to Grey.


August 14 2015, 21:20:05 UTC 5 years ago

Ever tried ginger and an ice dildo?
I haven't! Sounds interesting, though.
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