Franklin Veaux (tacit) wrote,
Franklin Veaux


*tests on a bunch of browsers*

*notices weird display glitches in Internet Explorer for Windows*

*spends two and a half hours digging through the CSS*

*bashes head into desk*

*reads up on Explorer's lame, braindead, broken CSS rendering*

*spends another half hour beating on CSS*


Jumping Jiminy Christ on a pogo stick, how in the hell did Microsoft ever become the dominant force in the IT industry with such poorly-written, inherently broken, crap software? Internet Explorer...what a festering pile of crapware that browser is! Working around bugs in its CSS support is something of a blood sport in Web circles.

See, this is why all my other Web sites don't use CSS.

*gets it to work, finally*
Tags: geek, rant
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