Franklin Veaux (tacit) wrote,
Franklin Veaux

Well, that was interesting...

So a week ago last Sunday, joreth came up to visit for a few days. Or, at least that was the plan.

Turns out that what was planned and what actually happened weren't exactly similar. She left Wednesday, started driving back to Florida, and experienced what engineering folk like to call "sudden catastrophic failure" of her automobile. Specifically, the clutch, which if you're not familiar with these things is the bit that connects the engine to the wheels. With no clutch, the engine spins and spins, but the car doesn't exactly move. More like just sits there, in the opposite-of-moving kind of way.

So I drove down and brought her back, while her car sat in a repair shop in the middle of rural Georgia awaiting repair. Took them quite a while to make the car go again, which means her three-day visit turned into a nine-day visit.

Now, you might think that'd be good news, and that lots of Kinky Goings On would ensue. Except that, well, I managed to give her my cold, which made her useless to me not feeling up to being frisky for most of that time.

Right shame, it is.

Anyway, she and her car are now operating properly and are now back in Orlando. And in a wonderous stroke of good news, it turns out I'll be at Frolicon this month after all...and better still, I'll be there with dayo and hypnagogie! Life rocks.

The week after, I'll be at Florida Poly Retreat and apparently I'll be joreth's minion for the weekend. I'll also be presenting a panel on how to muck up a poly relationship and make everyone in it unhappy, which will stress the importance of avoiding communication, behaving emotionally, and using boundaries as blunt instruments in the pursuit of lasting human misery.
Tags: suck!
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