Franklin Veaux (tacit) wrote,
Franklin Veaux

Bizarre spam, now in Russian!

So I get an enormous amount of spam every day. About half the spam I get is in Russian, with another quarter (half the remaining) in English. The rest is more or less evenly divided among Spanish, Polish, French, Hebrew, and Arabic, in more or less that order.

Every now and then, something truly bizarre lands in my email. Case in point: this Russian language image spam, which as near as I can tell is an advert for a company that makes the gigantic rectal probes used by space aliens when they abduct human females and anally examine them.

I know some folks on my flist can read Russian. So what gives? Ads for alien anal probing machinery? Alien abduction services? Flying saucer mechanics? Gigantic machine screws? Luscious femmebots programmed for pleasure? Seriously, wtf?
Tags: spam, wtf
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