Franklin Veaux (tacit) wrote,
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Another Monday afternoon...

On my way to work today, I noticed my fuel gauge was a bit low...and when I say "a bit low," I mean "below empty." So I pulled into a gas station and put 9.912 gallons of gas into a 10-gallon tank. I have got to get gas more often.

Friday bishop_henley and I saw "Minority Report." Steven Spielberg finally got it right. He fucked up his first effort at doing cyberpunk ("AI") beyond all recognition, but everything he got wrong in AI, he got right this time. I particularly liked the targeted advertising in the movie. And you thought popup ads were annoying...

Still trying to get a handle on making a long-distance poly relationship with a monogamous partner working. Evidence so far suggests i suck at long-distance relationships. Thank God everyone involved, including my wife kellyasmith, has been so patient with me...

Now I'm in the office trying to put together a Flash animation for a client. Is it my imagination, or deos macromedia Flash have the worst user interface ever conceived since Ventura Publisher?
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