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So in my ongoing exploration of my new status as a consumer whore, I've discovered that the Internet, long the place of porn and open source software, is also a most remarkable innovation in the field of finding things that I never knew existed but desperately want.

First on the list is this chair, made from the jaws of a torpedo loading crane on a nuclear submarine.

I want this chair. More precisely, I want to fuck in this chair.

Next on the list is Luis Berumen's Zero Point Zero watch, made from a pair of handcuffs. The display built into one cuff shows the hour; the other shows the minutes. Who says digital watches can't be cool?

And finally, Kacper Hamilton has designed a set of drinking glasses around the Seven Deadly Sins, each glass in the set embodying one sin. This particular glass is for Wrath.

Tags: too cool for words
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