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Fragments of Dragon*Con: Images

Cut to save your bandwidth.

It's dayo! I love the mask.

joreth in a very sexy corset dress.

It's Shelly!
In the new Sparta, the computer wants you to be happy. Not being happy is treason. Are you happy, citizen?

Spider-Man's droogs chillin' before an evening of ultra-violence.
I didn't get the picture I wanted of her. She was completely surrounded by people, and at one point there were three guys all lined up in a row with their cell phone cameras out. That would've been an awesome shot.

Can't sleep. Clowns will eat me.

I think datan0de had a panel dedicated to me!

This Little Red Riding Hood kicks some serious ass. I guess the Big Bad Wolf didn't know she used to be an operative in the Israeli Secret Service.

A warlock in full Arena Season 3 Arena Season 2 PVP gear! How cool is that? (Apparently, too cool for me to identify the armor correctly, and I have a PVP 'lock.)

Robot Chicken...

...and a steampunk R2D2.

Random person. I dig the dress.

Me, joreth, and zen_shooter. Picture is to scale.

Zombie Star Wars characters, and what may be a first at DragonCon:
a zombie Slave Leia.

Best pic I could find of me and cunningminx at our panel. We're not this serious, I swear.

The wings were articulated, too.

From any angle, the Mariott in downtown Atlanta is one of the most beautiful buildings you will ever see.

dayo and I. She's the cute one.

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