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And speaking of work...

...just what is it that you do at work, Tacit?

Show us! Show us!

This is what happens when people find out I know how to use a soldering iron. Especially when we're back-ordered for a month because one of our suppliers is having trouble getting a critical part we need, and we're 800 units behind our shipping schedule.

More normally, I spend my time doing magazine ads, Web programming (for the most ghastly Web site ever conceived by man), image retouching, product photography, and producing multimedia support materials for our distributors.

The thing about a tiny startup, though, is that if you know how to do something, and that something needs to get done, you'll likely find yourself doing it regardless of what you've printed on your business card.

Which, honestly, is one of the reasons I really like small startups. Always something new and different happening. Mind you, it's usually new and different in that "OMG OMG disaster we're all going to die crisis crisis" kind of way, but still.
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