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I have a close friend who owns a house that she rents out. Last weekend, one of my friend's tenants stabbed her husband to death in his sleep; the police were called out, the tenant was hauled off to jail, it was a messy scene.

Did you know there are companies that specialize in cleaning up after violent crimes? I didn't.

Turns out that homeowner's insurance covers it, too.

This morning, my friend and I went to the house with an insurance adjustor. The place was a wreck; the crime-scene cleanup team had been and gone, but all the stuff belonging to the tenants was piled up in a heap in the middle of the living room.

Going through all that stuff was really creepy. There were Bibles everywhere; apparently, the woman who murdered her husband was devoutly religious, and had a collection of Bibles and gospel music that would rival the Vatican's.

Kind of just figures, doesn't it?
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