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The last few days of zaiah's visit, I was sick as a dog--first with her cold, then with an opportunistic throat infection that moved in while the crack special forces commandos of my immune system were busy dealing with that issue. Stayed awake all night last night with a sky-high fever and hacking cough, lost my voice, went to the doctor's office this morning, I'm now on some potent broad-spectrum antibiotics which should give the opportunistic bacteria the what-for.

Still can't talk, though. Which sucks when you're me.

So not as much kinky sex and other fun stuff as I had hoped.

On the more interesting side, though, I got an email from one of the editors of Penthouse magazine. She said they want to do an article about the Human Sexuality Map, and could I send them a press-ready version of the file kthx? Right now it's slated for publication in the March 2009 issue. (When I first started working on it, hypnagogie predicted it was going to turn out to be a big deal. She was right.)

I really, really want to make posters of the map. Unfortunately, it looks like unless I'm prepared to plunk down a lot of cash for a large production run, the posters are gonna cost me in the neighborhood of $12 apiece to print(!), and I doubt I can sell them for much more than that. I can get the price way down if I print a whole lot of them, but then I'm out a bunch of cash I don't have and I'll be sitting on a huge pile of posters if nobody wants 'em. Grr.

One thing I think I will do, though, if I do make posters, is put a glossary on the bottom of the poster. I still get a lot of "What does ____ mean?" emails.


Dec. 20th, 2008 02:56 am (UTC)
Same thing happened to me, except with the lungs; for me it's always the lungs, stupid chronic respiratory disease.

Anyway, you could do something like a pre-order, to find out what the demand is like, or you could just sell the illustration to a company that either does sex stuff or poster stuff and not worry about the distribution.

You would totally be able to sell them at the various adult-themed cons, if you wanted to go to them or had people volunteer to sell them there for you. If there were ever something like that in my neck of the woods (which there never is, unfortunately) or somewhere I was planning on traveling to get to (like Shibaricon) if you arranged for a table or booth I would sit there and sell posters and copies of Onyx and stuff.