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Wow! A lot more interest in the poster than I thought

I'm quite overwhelmed and surprised by the number of folks who have expressed an interest in pre-ordering a poster version of the Map of Human Sexuality. Since it seems like something that people are really interested in, I've decided to accept pre-orders for the map at $12 each (plus shipping).

Here's the scoop: If I can get 50 pre-orders, which will pay for two thirds of the total printing cost, I'm going to go ahead and do the print run. If I don't get hat many pre-orders by March, the entire amount of the pre-order (including shipping) will be refunded to everyone who pre-orders...though judging from the responses to my last LJ post, I should hit that threshold very quickly.

Turnaround on printing is eight to ten business days. Leaving a couple of days for shipping to me, that means I expect to start sending pre-orders out about twelve business days after I hit 50 pre-orders. At least, that's the plan.

I've set up a place for pre-ordering on my ecommerce site; the direct link is here. Unfortunately, I can't take PayPal orders; credit card only. (The checkout page is secure.)

The poster will be big (24"x36"), offset printed on 100# gloss text. Since the map itself is square, I'm probably going to put a glossary of terms on the bottom part of the map. One of the things I'll likely do is put a few different versions of the finished poster design with glossary on my LJ and let folks vote on them.

So, here's your chance. If you'd like a poster (or two), you can pre-order now!

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