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Wow, I just found the World's Dumbest Bug... Internet Explorer 7!

But perhaps that's redundant. "Dumb bugs" and "Internet Explorer" have long gone together like chocolate and peanut butter.

Anyway, one of my coworkers wanted to know why attempts to install Firefox always bombed out on her system. She was going to the Download page and clicking the "Run" button, which in reality actually means "download and then run."

The Firefox executable has spaces in its name (it's called something like "Install Firefox 3.0.6"). Now, as we all know, the Web turns spaces into %20, which is the hex ASCII code for a space.

So Explorer downloads the file as "Install%20%Firefox%20%3.0.6" but saves it as "Install Firefox 3.0.6". Here's where things go all hinkey:

It then runs the file "Install Firefox 3.0.6" but sets the path to the file as "Install%20Firefox%203.0.6"--which doesn't work. When the installer attempts to run, it can't locate its own built-in libraries because the Windows file path parsing APIs do not change "Install%20%Firefox%203.0.6" back into "Install Firefox 3.0.6".

*rolls eyes*
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