Franklin Veaux (tacit) wrote,
Franklin Veaux

Whew! Just did a major update to the interactive map

The interactive version of the Map of Human Sexuality has been largely re-written; I've fixed a number of PHP error messages, added two new options ("tried and didn't like," "like in fantasy only"), updated the map itself to the current version, made the pins smaller so they don't obscure as much, and made a lot of behind-the-scenes database changes that'll help things out going forward. And all this without breaking the display of existing maps.

The one thing I most need to do, make the ability to remove a pin you place by accident, still isn't done. I'm working on it! If/when I get that one licked (I know surprisingly little PHP and JavaScript, when all is said and done), I'll add an option where you can enter a username and a password when you save your map so you can go back and edit it later. Whee!

And now to see if I can go see Watchmen.

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