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A List of Linky-Links

Ok, folks, time for another of Franklin's web browser dumps! Ready? Let's go!

Old Russian nuclear technology

Two links from the EnglishRussia Web site today, both of them concerning cold-war-era Soviet nuclear technology. Those Russians never met a nuclear reactor they didn't love.

Abandoned Russian nuclear lighthouses

What do you do if you have a whole lot of Arctic waterfront you need to put lighthouses along, but there's no power or habitation anywhere nearby? Embed nuclear reactors in the lighthouses, seal 'em up, and forget about 'em!

Russian self-propelled nuclear reactors

Small reactors designed to be driven out to remote villages, available in two different styles--crawler models and tractor-trailer rigs.

Science and Technology

The importance of stupidity in scientific research

The thing about doing real research is that you're trying to answer questions nobody has answered yet. You can't look up the answers in a book, because nobody knows them. That's the point. If that makes you feel stupid, that's OK.

Yeast-powered fuel cell feeds on human blood

They're still crude and not very powerful, but fuel cells that can create energy from your blood may one day power everything from pacemakers to insulin pumps to synthetic organs.

Debate about vaccine hilights sexual double-standards

When the HPV vaccine was first approved for use in girls, opponents raised a stink that vaccinating against STDs could cause girls to become sexually promiscuous. Now that the vaccine is being studied in boys, critics talk about its effectiveness and its safety--but don't seem to argue that it will result in boys becoming promiscuous.

My Bionic Quest for Bolero

One person's experience with trying to reprogram his cochlear implant to make it high enough resolution for him to appreciate music. (Note: Wired can't get its act together with HTML doctype and encoding tags, so Mac users will have to click View->Text Encoding->Western (ISO Latin 1) to make the weird garbled characters in the story display properly.)


New Scientist: Spanking and BDSM bring couples closer together

The title says it all, really.


From drjon, who has a habit of posting links that cause me to waste tremendous amounts of time:
Naked Urban Exploration.

Not safe for work, but quite lovely. If you like the (female) human body and you like urban decay, this site's for you. I'm especially fond of this photo.

Colorful high-speed photos of air rifle pellets hitting stuff

I have an entire essay brewing about the physical world we live in and how it's only a tiny, crude approximation of all that exists on the back burner right now, inspired by these pictures.

My Little Pony gets a Hollywood makeover

My Little Pony, re-imagined as Slave Leia, Edward Scissorhands, the alien from "Alien," and more.

Houdini Chair Ensure Your Guests Will Stay for Dessert

One part functional utilitarian object, one part bondage, one part art.


50 reasons why nobody wants to publish your book

"The world isn’t quite ready for an illustrated children’s book called SOME MOMMIES ARE INTERNET PORNSTARS" and 49 more.

World of Warcraft: The Lich King in IRC chat

Spider pride!
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