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Nooo! The cute, it is too much!

Late last night, joreth arrived in town to visit my cat Liam.

Now, she might have thought she was in town for Frolicon this weekend, and I might have thought she was in town for Frolicon this weekend, but fortunately Liam was able to set us straight on that.

Liam is a benevolent overlord protector, and magnanimously consented to allow me to curl up with her when we went to bed, though he made it clear (in his unmistakeable feline way) that he had dibs.

The cat spent much of the night hugging joreth's hand. This morning, as I opened my eyes, I was whacked over the head with a stunning (stunning, I say!) amount of cute, cute that can drop a charging rhino in its tracks:

I'm not quite sure what the LD50 of cute is, but I'm thinking I'd best call a hazmat team to decontaminate the bedroom, because this has got to be a dangerous level of cute. You, Gentle Readers, might want to consider getting a squad to deal with your computers now as well.
Tags: cute!!!, pets, pictures
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