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Fragments of Frolicon: Surprise figging!

There are probably folks reading my blog who don't know what Frolicon is. There may even be folks on my blog who aren't familiar with cons in general, which is a damn shame, and those folks should definitely see to that sometime soonest.

For folks familiar with cons in general but not acquainted with Frolicon, imagine Dragon*Con. Now make it a lot smaller and get rid of all the folks in stormtrooper outfits and all the folks wearing Katamari Damacy T-shirts.

Got it? Okay, good. Now, with the remaining folks, make about half of 'em wearing a whole lot less. (I know it's hard to imagine folks wearing less than they do at Dragon*Con, but work with me here.) Now, add a lot more corsets, and replace most of the geek shirts with leather fetishwear.

Still with me so far? Excellent! Now replace the panels on UFOs, Star Trek, and how to make ice cream with liquid nitrogen with workshops on flogging, figging, and needle play. Finally, imagine a huge open space filled with all manner of dungeon furniture, and picture an open play party every night.

And oh, yes, we played.

Saturday night, we started out by leading dayo on leashes down to the dungeon. I say "we" because I and my roommate the_no_lj_d are both romantically involved with her, so we each attached a leash to her collar--one black, one blue.

dayo was wearing clothing specially chosen for the occasion--specially chosen for its virtue in being expendable, that is. This is a valuable quantity when one wishes to rip the clothing from one's partner before commencing the experiments, you see.

We led her into the dungeon and bent her over a whipping bench for the warmup. A pair of leashes, as it turns out, also makes a quite excellent way to tie someone down to a bench, if, for example, you wanted to crop her ass while your partner in crime was whipping her with a dragon's tail.

Just, y'know, for example.

David made quick work of dayo's shirt with a knife while I warmed her ass with the crop. Once her shirt was hanging in tattars with her skirt hiked up around her waist, the two of us started working her over in earnest, until we had her squirming and making those cute little noises she makes.

Frolicon this year was a bit of a change in my con-going experience in the sense that my archnemesis datan0de and I arranged a truce for the occasion. This turned out to be an epic win for both of us, as datan0de has an alter ego, Lube Boy, who...

Wait, let me back up a bit here.

Personally, I blame lolitasir.

You see, at last year's Frolicon, she did an awesome workshop on fisting. During the demonstration part of the workshop, she called datan0de out of the audience to serve in the role of Lube Boy, Dispenser of Slipperiness, a role to which he's taken like a duck takes to something that ducks take to (how should I know what a duck likes?).

So this Frolicon saw LubeBoy in full...err, splendor, with cape and mask, condom bandolier and Lubinator--a squirt gun filled with lube. And, as it would turn out, the intercession of LubeBoy made the next phase of our dealings with dayo that much easier.

After her back and ass had been nicely warmed up, we brought her to the table, where she was blindfolded and the rest of her clothing was torn from her. David and I, wearing blue gloves (two by two, hands of blue1), spread her nice and wide for the Lubinator.

Once properly lubed, we commenced with the fisting.

Oh, yes, the fisting. Fisting is fun; taking turns alternating the fisting with your partner's other partner is even more fun. Doing it while she's blindfolded is more fun still.

So back and forth we went, one of us holding the vibrator (did I mention the vibrator?) while the other fisted her. Lube Boy did an outstanding job of making sure the innocent victim test subject... err, of making sure that dayo was appropriately slippery.

After the fisting, it was time for the NJoy Pleasure Wand. A bit of probing here, some G-spot stimulation there, and dayo was quivering and making the most delightful little noises... which point David remembered the ginger.

I have to back up a little again. Earlier in the afternoon we'd attended a workshop on figging, or the use of carved ginger root as a dildo or butt plug (about which I've written a tutorial), and we'd each picked up a nice big chunk of ginger root.

David slipped his piece of ginger and a knife to datan0de, who quickly whittled it down to an appropriate shape. And then, as David worked the vibrator, I slid the ginger into a very sensitive place indeed.

The results of this surprise figging were everything that anyone could ever hope for. it went something like this:

dayo: "Something feels warm. What is that?'s starting to burn. Something's really starting to burn. What...YOU FUCKERS!!!!! I will have my revenge!"

The rest of us: "Hee!"

The ruckus attracted the attention of the dungeon monitors (and not for the first time, I might add), which made it even more of an epic win.

A second piece of ginger was quickly produced and whittled down by datan0de to an appropriate shape, and it didn't take long before it found its way to an even more sensitive place, to much delightful squirming on the part of the captive the helpless victim dayo.

By this point, the poor girl had had about as much as she could stand, so we turned over control of the vibrator to her while David fisted her and I sat at the end of the table and pulled her hair.

Now, to fully appreciate the result of that combination, you need to know a little about where this all took place. The dungeon was set up in one of the hotel ballrooms; sixty people, easily, filled an enormous space liberally scattered with slings and crosses and benches and all manner of other bondage furniture. The people filling this space were engaged in all manner of kinky activities of the manner to make a sailor blush and a bishop kick a hole in a cinder block wall, and...

When dayo came, it was so explosive, and so loud, that nearly every head in the place looked up to see what was happening. Even the cute lesbians next to us took a moment from sexing one another up to see what the ruckus was about. Even the dungeon monitors came by (again) to see that nothing we were doing contravened the Geneva convention.

All in all, a highly successful evening. The take-away lesson from this is that datan0de and I should probably have spent less time destroying one another's clones and more time collaborating ages ago.

1 Ten bonus geek points to anyone who gets the reference.
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