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Link o' the Day: Trans-simianism

With a tip of the (virtual) hat to rain_herself:

Enough is Enough: A Thinking Ape's Critique of Trans-Simianism

Klomp predicts that through a technology called ‘hygiene’ we could extend the simian lifespan well into the late 20s or possibly 30s. What exactly will the post-simian do with all that time? Do we really want to live in a society populated by geriatric 27- year- olds? In living so long and spending so much time ‘thinking,’ do we not also run the risk of becoming a cold, passionless race incapable of experiencing our two emotions (fear and not fear)? How much of our simianity are we willing to sacrifice for this notion of progress?

Rest assured that while Klomp may have accrued a recent following, there is no reality to his fantastic claims. What is concerning is the increasing number of young apes spending less time clubbing animals and more time ‘inventing,’ ‘thinking’ and ‘creating,’ none of which contribute to the preservation of the simian way of life. These sorts of fads come and go, however, and this author is confident that in a short while everyone will have forgotten about Klomp and the notion of being anything more than an ape.”


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Apr. 24th, 2009 08:07 pm (UTC)
That was very amusing. Thank you :-D

This is precisely what Leon Kass, Francis Fukuyama et. al. have said about Aubrey de Grey. Yet another reason for me to support him fully, economically as well as morally.
Apr. 24th, 2009 08:57 pm (UTC)
Oh, this is so full of awesome.
(Deleted comment)
Apr. 24th, 2009 10:40 pm (UTC)
Hear, hear. It's obvious to any true American that 'post-scarcity' is just a code word for Godless communism.
(Deleted comment)
Apr. 25th, 2009 12:51 am (UTC)
Wow. Checked out the article. Followed the link to the author's comic. Read the "Hob" storyline. FANTASTIC. If you haven't read it, do so. Seriously.
Apr. 25th, 2009 03:28 am (UTC)
By any chance does the author of that piece work for the GOP ?
Apr. 25th, 2009 05:43 pm (UTC)
Some of the comments there are funny as hell. Overall it's very amusing but there's one glaring ontological hole in the substance of the article... in trying to convey his point the author made a big logic error.

Still funny & pointed tho.
Apr. 28th, 2009 05:06 am (UTC)
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