Franklin Veaux (tacit) wrote,
Franklin Veaux

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Made it!

Tomorrow begins the unpacking.

Well, err, at least in theory. zaiah has a job interview tomorrow that's going to take up a good part of the day. But those of you who volunteered to help, I will likely be taking you up on those offers at some point late tomorrow afternoon or early tomorrow evening.

We made the unfortunate mistake of stopping at Fry's on the way in, so now I have a toy radio controlled helicopter. (Curse you, Fry's! Curse you!)

Liam is happy to be out of the truck, and seems more than willing to give zaiah's dog the what-for. He's now entirely noctournal; he slept most of the day in the truck (at least after he quit letting us know that he would much prefer to have remained in the hotel room for the day) and no doubt will keep me up all night.

Tags: adventuresinmoving, pets, pictures
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