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Some thoughts on free will

So a few weeks ago, I had a choice to make.

On the one hand, I could go to a local science-fiction convention, where I would be surrounded by freaks and weirdos and other very cool people, and watch all the half-naked chicks running around, and stay up partying all night, and demonstrate sex toys.

On the other hand, I could fly to Graph Expo in Chicago, and hang out with salesmen and print shop managers, and stay in a booth until my feet hurt, and wake up VERY early in the morning, and demonstrate page-imposition software.

Seems like a simple choice to make, no?

So here I am in Chicago, where it's more windy than any sane person would think possible.

One silver lining, though: My sinus infection, which has been bugging me for the past three months, and which I've been unsuccessfully treating with antibiotics that cost eighty bucks for seven, disappeared completely less than a day after I arrived in Chicago.

Florida weather...feh.
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